Monday, July 19, 2010

Defeat Your Shyness !

This topic is basically about myself , what I'm having inside right now . If you look at me and seem everything going well , you obviously have overlooked something . Truthfully I'm very shy to continue my study since i have few subjects failed and for sure i have to repeat it . I'm very shy to face the juniors and also the lecturer even I'm very shy with myself . Because of shyness i tend to discontinue my study but with my grandparents hope to see me graduate and support from friends , i strengthened the spirits to continue what i have started . Enough about me !

What is Shy ?
* Shyness is a sociology psychology terms used to describe the feeling of apprehension , lack of confidence , awkwardness experience when a person is in proximity to , approaching , or being approached by other people , especially in new situation or with unfamiliar person .

There are few things we can do to overcome our fear ;

1.Practise becoming fascinated by other people. Ask them about themselves, and concentrate when they answer you. Remember what they tell you about themselves so you can talk about it later, or on another occasion.

Great socialise as make other people feel comfortable and interesting. How do they do that? By being really, genuinely interested in other people. If you are talking to someone and you feel boring or inferior, ask why that is. Is it really all your fault?

Practise using less 'personal pronouns' when you talk about things. Sentences beginning with 'I' are not only a turn-off for the listener, they also keep the focus of attention on you, which increases shyness. (Note: Of course, part of friendship is giving away things about yourself, but only when you feel it is appropriate to do so.)

Remember that the way to overcome shyness is to focus elsewhere. Like on imagining what it will be like to really enjoy the social event, on how it will feel to be full of energy, or to be having a great conversation with someone.
The exercises and techniques contained within the Self Confidence Course should help with shyness because they focus on what to do to feel confident, rather than how to avoid feeling shy.

As time goes by , i believe i will get oever my own shyness . Trust me , shyness will not bring you anywhere . No use to be shy as long it comes with a good purpose . So i have to take it easy and always think positive ! Much Luck for me !



Today i start my first class as student back .

Study ! Study ! Study !

It's common in life . I got no choice to escape from it . However , I will go thru all this because of my Grandparents .

Much Love for Opah & Atok !

I will put much efforts and strive for the best for them !

I will do the introduction in my way , so , My name is Nur Azzahra Binti Ahmad Zamzuri a.k.a Azz @ Asz .

The main purpose for this blog is for my MGT 300 assignments , one of the subject im having for this sem .

Im hopeful that Miss Diana will satisfy with my works in this blog and my class will help me since i promise i will give my full commitment for this sem , no more game time . Much luck to me !

Please give guidance and all the cooperation is much appreciated .

Thank You !

Will blog soon again !

Thanks .